More information on dy Abt fan Starum

The history of dy Abt fan Starum

The ship was taken into service as a cargo sailing ship as early as 1917. First it served as a freighter, it is now ideally suited for chartersailing.


Specifications of the ship

De specificaties van dy abt fan Starum. Zeiloppervlak, afmetingen, diepgang maar ook aantal bedden kun je hier vinden.


The layout of the ship below deck

The layout of dy Abt fan Starum under the deck consists of a lounge with galley, 3 showers, 3 toilets and 9 cabins with up to 26 sleeping places.


Stavoren is the home port for dy Abt fan Starum

The lady of Stavoren keeps her eye on dy Abt fan Starum when she is in the harbor. From Stavoren we sail on the IJsselmeer and the step to the Wadden Sea is a small one.

Home port

The crew of dy Abt fan Starum

On most trips, the muscle strength of the group is needed to sail the ship properly. You sail the ship together with the crew!


Dy Abt fan Starum is a ship with a lot to tell about.
Where the ship previously transported sailing cargo since 1917 and can therefore be found on the water for more than a hundred years, today it is a ship that is entirely devoted to recreational sailing with groups.

From a short breathtaking session on the IJsselmeer to a trip of a week or more of wandering on the Wadden Sea, everything is possible with dy Abt fan Starum.

Thanks to the pleasant accommodation below deck, up to 26 people on board can embark on a multi-day trip. Neatly maintained cabins with adequate sanitary facilities and a good galley in the lounge make your stay pleasant.

While sailing you help with the sailing of the ship and you can also stay comfortably on the deck. Wind, tides and currents make it an unforgettable adventure for school trips or school groups, but also as a family outing or family weekend you have something here that you will not soon forget. Also with a company as an outing or a teambuilding weekend a trip on dy Abt fan Starum is recommended.