guestmiles sailed

With the help of our guests, the vessel has sailed more than 5711 sailed in the past few years. While sailing daytrips and full weeks!


years sailing

Since it's launch in 1917 the Dy Abt Fan Starum is already sailing for 37935 days.


guests onboard

Since Dy Abt Fan Starum became a charter, it has accomodated more than 2123 guest onboard.

The tough Dy Abt Fan Starum has been converted to a passenger ship.

Built for sailing cargo, this two masted clipper saw it's first daylight in 1917. In 1972, Sietse Dijkstra discovered this sturdy ship and brought it to light. Then the ship was rebuilt and the clipper became a passengers ship. This makes ‘Dy Abt Fan Starum' one of the oldest charter ships. The ship is restored with love and respect for the ship's history, without compromising comfort for its guests. When the ship ‘Dy Abt Fan Starum' is fully rigged it is impressive and it gets clear how solid this ship actually is. The rigging is designed in a way that both small and bigger groups can handle the sails. Below decks we find plenty of room to stay and there is an open galley. This ship ‘Dy Abt Fan Starum' also offers a lot of privacy. Its authentic appearances and the experienced crew will make your stay very special.

Port of embarkation

Stavoren (other ports can be discussed)


Multiple days trip: 26 pers, daytrip: 40 pers.

Specifications of "Dy Abt Fan Starum"

Length: 30 meters (98 feet)

Width: 5,2 meters (17 feet)

Sailarea: 240 m2 (2580 ft2)


Ship name: Dy Abt Fan Starum
Ship type: Clipper
Home port: Stavoren


Capacity multiple days: 26
Capacity multiple days with catering: 24
Capacity daytrip: 40


Length: 30 meters (98 feet)
Width: 5,2 meters (17 feet)
Draught: 1 meter (3 feet)
No. of sails: 8
Sail area: 300 m2 (3200 ft2)
No. of masts: 2
Beaching possible:


Gas stove:
No. of pips on the gas stove: 8
Refigerator volume: 364 liter
Freezer volume: 50 liter
Barbecuetype: Coals
Extractor fan:
Oven volume: 15 liter


High (childfriendly) railing:
Gangway with handrail:
Seats in the cockpit: 10
Width gunwale (min): 0,5 m


No. of livings: 1
Heating in living:
220 volts while shore powered:


Classification cabins: 3x 2, 4x 3, 2x 4
Outlet in all cabins:
Heating in all cabins:
Cabions with hot and cold water: 9


Toilets: 3
Showers: 3

Audio / Video



Own beer allowed:




Card- and boardgames:
Onboard library:
Swim ladder:

Services / catering

Final cleaning (in euro's): 120,00

Kees vd Zweep

Owner and Skipper

Kees is owner of the charter "dy abt fan Starum" and likes to sail on the Waddenzee with groups. Since 2016 Kees is fulltime skipper.

Marthein Plat


Marthein is deckhand and makes sure, with your help, that Dy Abt Fan Starum sails well.

Pieter Jansma


Pieter has been an sporting-instructor and makes sure that guests learn how to sail a ship like "Dy Abt".

Prices and information

The prices below are valid for 2021.

Prices in euros

Daytrip (8 hours) Fri-Sun: 1 840,0046,00
Daytrip (8 hours) Mon-Thu: 1 290,0032,25
Extra night: 490,0018,85
Extra day: 980,0037,69
Weekend: 3 070,00118,08
Midweek**: 4 290,00165,00
Schoolweek: 4 160,00160,00
Week: 6 120,00235,38
Pinksterweekend: 4 250,00163,46
Ascension weekend: 5 210,00200,38
Easter weekend: 3 460,00133,08
Cleaningcosts: 120,00
No. of beds: 29
Capacity daytrip: 40
Capacity multiple days: 26



  • Saturday 12.00h to friday 16.00h or
  • Monday 12.00h to sunday 16.00h or
  • Friday 12.00h to friday 09.00h


  • Monday 10.00h to friday 15.00h or
  • Sunday 21.00h to friday 09.00h


  • Friday 20.00h to sunday 17.00h uur

Short weekend

  • Friday 12.00h to saturday 17.00h or
  • Saterdag 12.00h to sunday 17.00h


  • 10.00h to 18.00h

Discounts and surcharges


  • january 1st - april 9th - 20 %
  • april 10th - april 30th - 10 %
  • september 18th - october 15th- 10 %
  • october 16th - december 31st- 20 %

Weekend/ extended weekend/ short weekend/ daytrip

  • january 1st - april 4th - 20%
  • april 5th - may 9th- 10%
  • june 4th - june 27th + 5%
  • augustus 20th - september 12th+ 5%
  • oktober 15th - december 31st- 20%

* Price per person

The advertised price per person is based on maximal capacity of the ship on a multi-day trip with maximal beds available.

** Midweekprice

The adverstised midweekprice is applicable on youthgroups. Other rates apply for other groups. Contact us for these prices.

Prices include

  • Two crewmembers
  • Fully equipped galley
  • Energy- and environmental-costs
  • Reservingsform
  • Bedlinen


  • Usage of all extras aboard.
  • Necessary fuel to travel up to 1 hour per day on engine (>1h = € 17,00 p/h)
  • Harbour-, bridge-, lock-, pilot-costs
  • Touristtax

Extend trip

It's possible to extend your trip. Ask for a quotation.

Other port of embarkation

It's possible to change the port of embarkation other than its home port. In that case keep the deliverytime in mind, or that this deducts your triptime. Deliverycosts are €60,- per hour.

Bedlinen and towels

For multi-day trips all beds are always provided with sheets and pillows with pillowcase. Check specifications if quilts are included. You can bring your own sleeping bag or rent a duvet for € 15,00 per person (please reserve at least two weeks before departure). Towels can be hired on board for € 5,00 per person. This can be up to 3 weeks before departure let us know.

Final cleaning

If the final cleaning is not included in your quotation, you can choose to do it yourself or let this be done for you. Payment for cleaning is done aboard to the skipper. For final cleaning on saturday or sunday there is a surcharge of €20,00.

These guest sailed before you:

Anna Smit

We sailed with our schoolclass in 2013 on "dy abt". There was sun and wind. Aside from sailing the vessel as a real team, there also was room for some swimming and relaxing.

Jaap de Vroege

As a birthdayparty we sailed with this ship over the mud flats of the Waddenzee. The sailing was very nice. The catering was well served and tasty!

Kees van Stempel

Wow, the real deal! Cool to team up to sail as fast as possible. I even got to steer a bit, totaly got the "Ben Ainslie"-feeling! Although not that fast...

Hanneke de Oude

We choose not to rent another cabin in some familypark. What's better than to roam the mud-flats? The crew actively involved the family while sailing. It was fun and sometimes hard work!

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